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Most Recent Laboratory Business Requests Looking to acquire or for laboratories for sale? Looking for collaborative research opportunities? Looking to license or co-develop new laboratory products or technology? Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Business Opportunities such as Labs for Sale, Acquisitions Sought, Licensing, Labspace for Rent etc which need to be fulfilled! If you have any questions, please contact us (../forms/mailing_entryform.cfm) or call 1-855-377-6821 Toll-Free 24/7. Below are our 50 most recent Laboratory Business Requests. Please Log-In ( to see more.

17-0013 Partnerships"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=2664DCAAD5BDD7C137C8AB86792A4FCD) High complexity Laboratory looking for partner to add high volume LCMS and Molecular testing. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=2664DCAAD5BDD7C137C8AB86792A4FCD) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=2664DCAAD5BDD7C137C8AB86792A4FCD)

17-0012 Mergers and Acquistions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=A5EC1A25DF48A10DEEC0CC693B7930AD) Wishing to purchase laboratories located near or around Central Jersey. Also, the laboratory could be purchased for licensing and moved. There are many different variables such as accreditation, insurance mix machine, and so on so I would be interested in looking at all opportunities. This would in (business_requests_view.cfm? i=A5EC1A25DF48A10DEEC0CC693B7930AD) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=A5EC1A25DF48A10DEEC0CC693B7930AD)

17-0011 Laboratories for Sale" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=74CD82C2CAAC5A3864A8B6EEB6499395) Owner of of independent fully equipped, turnkey chemical, food science, and pharma R&D laboratory wishes to retire and sell laboratory. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=74CD82C2CAAC5A3864A8B6EEB6499395) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=74CD82C2CAAC5A3864A8B6EEB6499395)

17-0010 Mergers and Acquisitions" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=33C919725A4E31B2F2C3883532D898D2) Laboratory looking to purchase cGMP FDA Registered Testing Laboratory in Arizona or Nevada. Ideally has USP <71> Sterility Testing capabilities (business_requests_view.cfm?i=33C919725A4E31B2F2C3883532D898D2) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=33C919725A4E31B2F2C3883532D898D2)

17-0009 Laboratory for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=C5A07F59353DCFF0C1589E54AB35C363) Microbiology laboratory for sale in Eastern Europe (business_requests_view.cfm?i=C5A07F59353DCFF0C1589E54AB35C363) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=C5A07F59353DCFF0C1589E54AB35C363)

17-0008 Laboratories for Sale" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FC328727AAFBD2118E797A65FEA4B7BF) Calibration & Repair Services business for laboratory instruments. Manufacturer certified service, Clients in the medical, pharma, food & industrial fields. In business for over 20 years, existing customer base, all test equipment, manufacturer service manuals & pertinent spare parts. Service for t (business_requests_view.cfm? i=FC328727AAFBD2118E797A65FEA4B7BF) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FC328727AAFBD2118E797A65FEA4B7BF)

17-0007 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=354F5C78FA59977AE935D5F6841F8A69) Established environmental laboratory in Brazil would like to acquire environmental laboratory in Minnesota area as well as acquiring used lab equipment. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=354F5C78FA59977AE935D5F6841F8A69) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=354F5C78FA59977AE935D5F6841F8A69)

17-0006 For Lease (business_requests_view.cfm?i=5818369B92B661DB244B034C8F0926AC) Former biotechnology laboratory space in tristate area Class-A Building for rent. Available space around 30,000 sq ft , will divide (business_requests_view.cfm? i=5818369B92B661DB244B034C8F0926AC) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=5818369B92B661DB244B034C8F0926AC)

17-0005 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=562A0AF25787912EC24169B2C4071207) Company looking to buy a going-out-of-business biotech company/lab. The deal shall be structured as assets (equipment) purchase + lease assumption. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=562A0AF25787912EC24169B2C4071207) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=562A0AF25787912EC24169B2C4071207)

17-0004 Laboratories for Sale"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=5E64A82EE9901A44B05FEBFF0DAB0CE6) Accredited Food and Agriculture laboratory looking for buyer for takeover of the running business. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=5E64A82EE9901A44B05FEBFF0DAB0CE6) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=5E64A82EE9901A44B05FEBFF0DAB0CE6)

17-0003 Acquisitions and Mergers" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=469CF0D128E52512A3FA3C10AAD377D2) Interested in purchasing laboratories for sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=469CF0D128E52512A3FA3C10AAD377D2) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=469CF0D128E52512A3FA3C10AAD377D2)

17-0002 Mergers and Acquisitions"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=C2F00F4478DE8DF025FC831D9109E71E) High complexity medical laboratory services would like acquisition, partnership, or collaboration of a clinical laboratory in Ohio. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=C2F00F4478DE8DF025FC831D9109E71E) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=C2F00F4478DE8DF025FC831D9109E71E)

17-0001 Laboratory Partnerships (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FBE5D1BDFEE263246B11C8D7CE71DF1B) Africa company wishes to form a joint venture / partnership / collaboration with a well equipped laboratory in Africa to service some of my customers testing requirements. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FBE5D1BDFEE263246B11C8D7CE71DF1B) View More (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FBE5D1BDFEE263246B11C8D7CE71DF1B)

16-0026 Laboratories for Sale"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=90E75F35C865C7B070BFA62334A856DB) Owner of VIrginia independent R&D laboratory wishes to retire and sell laboratory . This is a fully equipped, turnkey laboratory for almost any type of chemical or food science (business_requests_view.cfm?i=90E75F35C865C7B070BFA62334A856DB) Closed

16-0025 Rentals and Leasing" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FD209476AFF7823EFA7578DEEF60E9AE) Biotechnology company needs to rent or purcahse a chemical lab around 800-1000 sft with 2-3 chemical hoods in Chicago area. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=FD209476AFF7823EFA7578DEEF60E9AE) Closed

16-0024 Laboratories for Sale" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=B092B2D79DCB5363A9276024A9E07E46) Central US analytical / genetics laboratory for sale with all of it's equipment. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=B092B2D79DCB5363A9276024A9E07E46) Closed

16-0009 Laboratory for Sale" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=3E06B799F5D8D08149559FAB79AA6DF4) Laboratory for sale that is in the development of Elisa kit development and manufacturing. The material is sufficient to manufacture and package 1500 ELISA kits. Major equipment, including but not limited to: ELx808 Absorbance Microplate Reader Class II biosafety cabinet B (business_requests_view.cfm? i=3E06B799F5D8D08149559FAB79AA6DF4) Closed

16-0010 Leasing and Rentals" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FF8252181E392CA9C1BD33CDFFF5A463) Laboratory space for lease in Zambia. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FF8252181E392CA9C1BD33CDFFF5A463) Closed

16-0023 Laboratories for Sale"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=A576E40D6C5DC2AEC502D6064F5DCBFB) Company looking to acquire small environmental testing/water analysis laboratory in Michigan metro Detroit or Lansing/Ann Arbor area with Water testing and solid testing capabilities with ICPMS as well as Micro capabilities (business_requests_view.cfm?i=A576E40D6C5DC2AEC502D6064F5DCBFB) Closed

16-0022 Laboratories for Sale"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=83D1BB7B9499C5934B3FE56D83344278) High-complexity CLIA, CAP Laboratory for sale (i) pharmacogenomics testing (PGx), (ii) cancer companion diagnostics testing through targeted Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and single gene mutational analysis, and (iii) drug monitoring in blood (finger-prick) and urine. Additional CLIA number and (business_requests_view.cfm? i=83D1BB7B9499C5934B3FE56D83344278) Closed

16-0021 Laboratories for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=DCC602288188E2BA76ECC71878344F9B) Company interested in acquiring an extisting analytical laboratory within ON, Canada. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=DCC602288188E2BA76ECC71878344F9B) Closed

16-0020 Laboratories for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=194E4C9D6CB6678BC9046A08DA471856) Company interested in purchasing urine and toxicology laboratory (business_requests_view.cfm?i=194E4C9D6CB6678BC9046A08DA471856) Closed

16-0017 Mergers and Acquisitions" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=40D2D63BCC2442A16F67299EE4349BEE) Wishes to purchase environmental water quality laboratory in Washington and Oregon, USA. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=40D2D63BCC2442A16F67299EE4349BEE) Closed

16-0018 Rentals and Leasing (business_requests_view.cfm?i=2C932699AE9F4AE82236562B1D4B89E6) India company needs laboratory space for rent. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=2C932699AE9F4AE82236562B1D4B89E6) Closed

16-0019 Laboratories for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=7B15E84CA60BDABB616ADE560D72C488) Company wished to purchase a Laboratory located in NJ or NY that is licensed in all states with Medicare billing in NY. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=7B15E84CA60BDABB616ADE560D72C488) Closed

16-0015 Laboratory for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=810EA6DCC5B23313CD20277796012259) Food and environmental laboratory for sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=810EA6DCC5B23313CD20277796012259) Closed

16-0016 Laboratory for Sale" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=03C540DDDE5D86A21C942F379903216D) Canada Mining Laboratory for sale as owner wishes to retire. Gross yearly Cash flow range is $ 400,000 to 700,000 per year. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=03C540DDDE5D86A21C942F379903216D) Closed

16-0014 Laboratory for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=8F852B43F63D14B78F4E2BCEFA5B372D) Laboratory for sale:biotech/ diagnostic R&D facility in India. Facility is exceptionally well built, with custom made lab furniture and ready to move in CLASS 10000 CLEAN ROOM facility. Option of partial laboratory lease is also available with conference and meeting rooms. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=8F852B43F63D14B78F4E2BCEFA5B372D) Closed

16-0013 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=057259AAABCC160A897A79BC02A42D6E) Company wishes to purchase a laboratory in South USA (business_requests_view.cfm?i=057259AAABCC160A897A79BC02A42D6E) Closed

16-0011 Distributors Wanted" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=0F76AEB7665F97B2FA065B5467E4B61A) Distributors wanted for unique self-regenerating gas purifier used to trap contaminants in Chromatography gases. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=0F76AEB7665F97B2FA065B5467E4B61A) Closed

16-0008 Mergers and Acquisitions" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=3C7F646A584E3C4507FD25F144BE157C) Laboratory wishes to acquire or merge with Mechanical Laboratory that performs testing vibration testing, fatigue analysis" (business_requests_view.cfm? i=3C7F646A584E3C4507FD25F144BE157C) Closed

16-0007 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=0E0E9C0C75D36360B7DA9226092710E3) Company wishes to purchase an existing moderate or high complexity medical lab in North Carolina.." (business_requests_view.cfm? i=0E0E9C0C75D36360B7DA9226092710E3) Closed

16-0006 Mergers and Acquisitions"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=72B947315C7BCF12609021594F49ADDB) Company would like to purchase toxicology laboratories or toxicology licences for New York City /State If you have a lab we will take that as well but you have to be NYCS licensed. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=72B947315C7BCF12609021594F49ADDB) Closed

16-0005 Mergers and Acquisitions" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=46DED7692903A1821BF0BA9153BB91D8) Company looking to purchase established High Complexity CLIA Laboratories for Toxicology. Both screens and confirmations with licenses in most of the US but definitely in MD, FL, NJ and possibly NY and CA. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=46DED7692903A1821BF0BA9153BB91D8) Closed

16-0004 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=4B6577380D4D22E45B1C436902BC8F63) Company would like to purchase a Texas medical laboratory with Medicare # (business_requests_view.cfm?i=4B6577380D4D22E45B1C436902BC8F63) Closed

16-0003 Laboratory Rentals" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=08C03D93D3A769344ABB9FA668790A1A) Corporation would like to rent laboratory space in operating laboratory for R&D purposes to further study the human eye. We need to rent of lab space in Los Angeles, CA. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=08C03D93D3A769344ABB9FA668790A1A) Closed

16-0002 Mergers and Acquisitions" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=911A1F57240CC97D147623B85B8732EA) Company looking for a CLIA laboratory for sale in Florida." (business_requests_view.cfm?i=911A1F57240CC97D147623B85B8732EA) Closed

16-0001 Mergers and Acquisitions" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FE3BBA20A7F8DC2C3F13DEC1B93AA197) Company interested in purchasing clinical laboratory (business_requests_view.cfm?i=FE3BBA20A7F8DC2C3F13DEC1B93AA197) Closed

15-00014 Laboratories for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=9E165EF561A05176D5589DCEB03D0C65) "Complex Clinical Toxicology Laboratory . The Laboratory is fully equipped with instrumentation and laboratory appliances. The Laboratory holds a current CLIA Certificate of Compliance. "" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=9E165EF561A05176D5589DCEB03D0C65) Closed

15-00013 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=D2802E99CC694DF493F65B2A9ADD5B7D) "International Laboratory is looking to purchase an existing diagnostic laboratory in South Florida. Possibility of partnership, we offer wide experience in infectious molecular biology and routine clinical lab testing"" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=D2802E99CC694DF493F65B2A9ADD5B7D) Closed

15-00012 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=2F02B4BC5F19184D0083CC2556E7CDA5) Company wishes to purchase a high complexity toxicology or pathology laboratory with Medicare/Medicaid certification." (business_requests_view.cfm? i=2F02B4BC5F19184D0083CC2556E7CDA5) Closed

15-00011 Laboratory Partnerships (business_requests_view.cfm?i=D691484EB6B1C918173C17B14A98A252) Owner seeking partner with complementary skills to grow established Sole proprietorship providing contract R & D and lab testing services to plastics industry with fully equipped lab facility with mechanical, physical, and analytical test capabilities as well as plastics processing lab seeks labora (business_requests_view.cfm? i=D691484EB6B1C918173C17B14A98A252) Closed

15-00010 Laboratories for Sale (business_requests_view.cfm?i=F0E7CB0358F193265A143501256569C6) "Microbiology and Biotechnology Training Laboratory For Sale in Inida" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=F0E7CB0358F193265A143501256569C6) Closed

15-00009 (business_requests_view.cfm?i=6E44782A377167126E997996F0AE9D8F) ""Owner would like to retire after 40+ years. Would like to sell his business. $125,000" For Sale. Medical laboratory Turn Key Operation. No real estate for sale. Business only $125,000" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=6E44782A377167126E997996F0AE9D8F) Closed

15-00008 Acquisitions and Mergers""" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=8E0CA49BF5E0ECD17EDBBB001BE030DA) Company wishes to purchase Small Quality Control and Non Destructive Testing labs (accounts not important) wanted to buy in Australia" (business_requests_view.cfm? i=8E0CA49BF5E0ECD17EDBBB001BE030DA) Closed

15-00007 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=3B29B355C6CFF919962BBC12F217AD52) Company wishes to purchase laboratory for Production Water Analysis" (business_requests_view.cfm?i=3B29B355C6CFF919962BBC12F217AD52) Closed

15-00006 Distributors (business_requests_view.cfm?i=979C5B850FEE64B4C835824A95838B35) Manufacturer & developer of laboratory balances seeking distributors to represent our product line of balances. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=979C5B850FEE64B4C835824A95838B35) Closed

15-00005 Laboratory Wanted (business_requests_view.cfm?i=A2BE3A2D0E3119AE4E6C13C4ED7AEC18) "Company would like to buy or lease a space for R&D Laboratory (for Formulation and Analytical R&D), with Pilot scale (for ANDAs) and Commercial Scale (for OTCs) Manufacturing Facility that will also provide R&D Contract Services for Small and Large scale Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical companies. (business_requests_view.cfm? i=A2BE3A2D0E3119AE4E6C13C4ED7AEC18) Closed

15-00004 Mergers and Acquisitions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=4A987F9CA23905A5A868D647E9137188) "Profitable,well-established and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in the field of Mechanical and Chemical discipline seeking suitable Acquisition/Merger/Takeover/JV/VC/Partnership. (business_requests_view.cfm?i=4A987F9CA23905A5A868D647E9137188) Closed

15-00003 Laboratory Partnerships (business_requests_view.cfm?i=46AED0946FDF8E0508005688A0EBF6A8) "INDIA ISO CERTIFIED TESTING LABORATORY SEEKING LAB PARTNERSHIP FOR TESTING SERVICES FOR WATER, CHEMICALS, MATERIALS, PETROLEUM PRODUCTS. """ (business_requests_view.cfm?i=46AED0946FDF8E0508005688A0EBF6A8) Closed

15-00002 Mergers and Acquistions (business_requests_view.cfm?i=3680C4E76239D1BDEA73844F019E021E) "Owner wishes to retire or scale back. Established Sole proprietorship providing contract R & D and lab testing services and training intitute for LIFE Sciences undergradutes gradutes and phds ,quipped lab facility with mechanical, physical, and analytical test capabilities in molecular biology ,mic (business_requests_view.cfm? i=3680C4E76239D1BDEA73844F019E021E) Closed

15-00001 Laboratory Partnerships (business_requests_view.cfm?i=16F4F5D1C1924DE0EFFCF44AC454A2CA) Laboratory partnership wanted for constructing and building laboratory in Africa country. This is a new concept and the development bank is willing to fund , I would need Technical support , equipment , training etc to provide them with a good presentation . (business_requests_view.cfm?i=16F4F5D1C1924DE0EFFCF44AC454A2CA) Closed

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Laboratory Business Opportunities, Labs for Sale, Acquisitions

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