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25 January 2016

Scientifically speaking, the movement of heat from one place to another as a result of some 'work' being done is termed as refrigeration. This heat transfer can be achieved in several ways, including through the use of mechanical work, magnetism, electricity, heat, and laser. The widespread applications of refrigeration include household refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning, and cryogenics. Refrigeration equipment generally consists of a thermally insulated chamber and a heat pump for transferring heat from the inside of the equipment to its outside, thereby cooling it down to a temperature below the actual room temperature. Low temperatures and confined volume prevent bacteria growth, which is why cooling is a common food storage technique. Food businesses have substantially enhanced their profitability with the use of certain refrigeration equipment over the past few decades. Understanding the various types, styles, and features of refrigeration equipment is imperative to making the right buying decision. Refrigeration equipment can be acquired from traditional brick-and-mortar appliance stores as well as online. eBay features a wide range of refrigeration equipment available in a number of variants.

What is a Refrigerant? A refrigerant is a substance used for reducing the internal heat of a system. Generally, it is used in a heat cycle, including a reversible phase transition from a liquid to a gas. Because of the ozone depletion effects, refrigerants that were used previously, such as chlorofluorocarbons, are being replaced by sulphur dioxide, ammonia, and hydrocarbons like propane. Ozone depletion and global warming have led to the formulation of strict rules for the use of refrigerants, a step appreciated by the global community at large.

What is a Freezer? A freezer can be a separate appliance as well as a part of a refrigeration unit. Freezers are equally popular as a household and an industrial appliance. Foods stored at temperatures below freezing are arguably safe for an indefinite period of time. Domestic freezers can be upright units, just like refrigerators or chests. An ice dispenser is often built into the door in modern freezers.

The Evolution of Refrigerators Before the advent of modern-day commercial freezers and refrigerating units frequently found in our homes, offices, and stores, refrigerators were being used for several years under different names on a small, non-commercial scale. The gas systems, such as sulphur dioxide (R-764) or anhydrous ammonia (R-717), used in such units were prone to leakage, making them highly unsafe for domestic or industrial use on a large scale. With the introduction of comparatively safer non-flammable, non-toxic, synthetic refrigerants such as Freon-12 (R-12), household refrigerators gained popularity in the 1930s in the United States. In the year 1994, a ban was imposed on the use of R-12 because it depleted the ozone layer. Since then, a comparatively less harmful replacement, R-134a (tetrafluoroethane), has been in common use.

Styles of Refrigerators and Freezers The most common style of refrigeration equipment, both domestic and commercial, since the 1940s is the 'freezer on top and refrigerator on bottom' style. This is considered to be the 'traditional' style of refrigerators since the 1940s to the present day. Later models of mini-fridges used the internal freezer chest, also called the 'freezer in the fridge' model. The weight of home refrigerators and freezers typically ranges between 200 pounds (91 kg) and 450 pounds (200 kg). Some models, however, weigh as much as 875 pounds (397 kg).

Style Trends by Decade During the early 1960s, the use of a separate freezer, not a compartment in the refrigerator, became more common. In the mid-1960s, the sideby-side style in which the left side was generally the freezer and the right the refrigerator gained popularity and is still common today. It was introduced by Amana in the year 1949, but it gained public attention in 1965. Another popular style from the mid-1950s to the present day is the 'top refrigerator and bottom freezer' style, the opposite of the first. French-door style, introduced in the late 1990s, has two French doors for the refrigerator and a bottom freezer.

Colour Trends by Decade The earlier refrigerators used to be white in colour, but since the mid 1950s, the designers have been putting various colours onto refrigerators and freezers, and the trend of colours has been ever changing since then. Pastel colours like turquoise and pink became popular in the early 1960s. Brushed chrome-plating that looks similar to a stainless finish also became popular and was made available by some brands in a few models. In the 1970s, earth-toned colours, such as almond, avocado green, and harvest gold, gained popularity. Black became famous in the 1980s and stainless steel in the 1990s. A few designers in the recent past have introduced multi-colour designs.

Applications of Refrigeration Equipment Refrigeration equipment has found several applications over the years, and more and more applications are being explored. The most common is for household refrigerators, air conditioning, and freezers. Refrigerators have enabled people to store food, particularly fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat, for use over extended periods of time. Commerce and manufacturing sectors have also found uses for refrigeration equipment. In oil refineries and chemical plants, refrigerating equipment helps maintain a suitable low temperature for a certain process. Cutlery and steel is tempered by metal workers through refrigeration. It has become a necessity in transporting temperature-sensitive items, such as foods and medicines. Certain corporations have made great breakthroughs in refrigeration designs over the past few decades to make refrigeration units even more accessible and affordable for restaurant owners and food businesses, and this has helped greatly improve their profitability.

Features of Refrigeration Equipment Modern day refrigeration equipment includes many new and updated features, including automatic defrosting, a technique which regularly defrosts the evaporator in a freezer or refrigerator. Appliances that use this technique are often referred to as frostless or no-frost. A power failure warning system is an excellent feature on refrigeration equipment. A dispenser in the door for chilled water and ice is a part of many fridges. For easy maintenance, cabinet rollers are used. Shelves and trays are adjustable. When it's time to change the water filter, a status indicator notifies the user. One interesting and smart use of the air from the freezing section can be witnessed in several models, as it is used as a cooling zone in the door shelf of a refrigerator to supercool juice, milk, and other items stored on the shelf.

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment In order to improve the profitability of one's food business, the use of refrigeration equipment has become inevitable. Several types of refrigeration equipment are suitable for commercial purposes. The choice of the right product is a function of several variables. Some of the common types of refrigeration equipment include blast chillers, display freezers, and fish refrigerators. Blast chillers are mainly used for freezing food fast. They are also available in a wide range of varieties, and a buyer should make a purchasing decision based on his or her own preferences. Display freezers are commonly found in grocery stores and are used for storing food items and beverages. More often than not, they have seethrough doors so a customer can easily look through them without the need to open them. Fish refrigerators are used in places like fish markets and grocery stores for storing fish and meat. They are more or less the same as other refrigeration equipment with sliding trays to hold the fish being the only notable difference.

Buying Refrigeration Equipment on eBay Begin your refrigeration equipment hunt from the eBay homepage. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways of getting down to the right product in no time. Enter relevant search terms in the search bar on the eBay homepage. For some queries, eBay suggests related searches that may help facilitate the buying process. Some terms for refrigeration items might include refrigeration equipment, refrigerators, fish refrigerators, freezers, et cetera. Enter your postcode to look for local listings to reduce or even eliminate the delivery charges if you're lucky enough to find the right product in your vicinity. If the desired product is not available in your area, then you can still search for it in other locations. If you do find the product locally, you can pick up your generator at an arranged time once your purchase is complete. Client feedback, seller history, and consumer reports can also help you make smart purchasing decisions, and it is highly recommended that you take advantage of these resources before purchasing.

Conclusion Refrigeration is a necessary part of food storage in modern times. In the case of refrigeration equipment, such as a freezer or a refrigerator, the heat is transferred from the equipment to the atmosphere through a heat pump using mechanical, chemical, or electrical components. Cooling is a popular food storage technique that has been practised in one form or another for centuries because low temperatures inhibit the growth of bacteria. Therefore, foods like vegetables, fruits, and meats can be stored for longer periods of time without spoilage. This potentially enhances the profitability of a food business by leaps and bounds. Preliminary knowledge of the various types, features, and applications of certain refrigeration equipment is necessary for a buyer to make an informed, intelligent purchasing decision and avoid regrets. eBay features a collection of refrigeration equipment available in a number of variants for consumer and business use. Local appliance stores also offer a selection of refrigeration equipment to meet buyers' needs.

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Improve Business Profitability With Refrigeration Equipment | eBay

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