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Customer Service Representative Your position description Your:







Collection Operations

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Manager, Contact Centre

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December 2014

Business Support (S3)

Your organisation Who we are Statistics NZ – Tatauranga Aotearoa – makes numbers count. Every day, decisions are made that impact on the current and future prosperity and wellbeing of New Zealand and New Zealanders. It is important that these decisions are well informed. Our purpose is to ensure that New Zealand has the information it needs to grow and prosper. As an information agency in an information age this is an exciting and challenging role to play. Big data, life-changing new information technologies and customer demands for more and more accessible information require us to be change-agile. Not only are we the stewards and primary provider of New Zealand’s official data and statistics, we lead the Official Statistics System (OSS), which coordinates all statistics produced by government agencies. We work with our OSS partners to ensure that official statistics are accessible and widely and frequently used by key decision makers in central and local government, business, Iwi, academia, the community and by you and I, to:  track and understand the state and progress of New Zealand  steer society and the economy to improve the prosperity, security, and opportunities of New Zealanders  inform debate and support decision making. Our numbers are trusted, credible and independent. We are the country’s major provider of official statistics – collected, stored, produced, and distributed in a way that ensures high levels of credibility, integrity, privacy and confidentiality. We produce important statistics such as measures of inflation, economic growth, the labour market, business performance, population and our society and also


manage databases that bring together information from different sources for research and analysis. Statistics NZ is a department of the New Zealand Public Service. Our duties and responsibilities are set out in the Statistics Act 1975. Our role in New Zealand’s Official Statistics System As the country’s main provider of official statistics we:  report on trends, patterns, and changes to New Zealand’s population, economy, society, culture, and environment  ensure our statistics are relevant and accessible for our customers and set an example for other government departments to follow  ensure complete confidentiality for all our data  maintain the highest level of credibility and integrity in our statistics. As leader of the OSS we:  advise the government on the policies, priorities, costs, and benefits of statistical activities and set statistical standards  coordinate statistical activities across government  encourage other government departments to share ownership of the OSS and to reuse data  lead, contribute to, or participate in cross-government initiatives. We look outwards and ahead to anticipate what is happening so that we can respond innovatively and efficiently to customer needs and continuously improve how we do things. Statistics 2020 Te Kāpehu Whetū In 2011 we embarked on a significant change programme, Statistics 2020 Te Kāpehu Whetū. This transformation programme aims to get Statistics NZ on a sustainable footing, deliver increased value to customers and stakeholders and ensure the continued supply of reliable and relevant statistics. We have achieved a lot in the first three years of the programme and we are now reshaping our strategy to sharpen our focus on the delivery of programme benefits. We want to take bold steps forward in achieving our vision. Our core values and commitments You will model our core values of:  leading  connecting  communicating  statistical excellence  integrity  confidentiality and data security. Statistics NZ works to ensure that the statistical needs of Māori are identified and progressively met. You will support our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. This complies with the principles for government action on the Treaty of Waitangi. In addition we operate an Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) work place and all employees are required to comply with our EEO policy.


Your group The Operations Group’s purpose is to sustainably collect and efficiency process data to support Statistics NZ’s customer focus. Within the group, the Collection Operations branch collects quality data from a range of suppliers including households, businesses and government departments that hold administrative data. There is a strong focus within the branch on providing data suppliers with the best possible experience, while also meeting data supply agreements. Collection Operations is comprised of the following business units:    

Field Collections Contact Centre (including the Large Business Service) Capture & Logistics Collections Analysis & Support.

Your role As a Customer Service Representative you will provide our first line of contact for all members of the public through inbound and outbound calls. You will be involved in collecting important, relevant data for all of our surveys. Your broad role as a Customer Service Representative will be to:  provide first line response to incoming telephone enquiries  answer respondent queries  assist in the administration of the Contact Centre as required  collect data. You will be accountable for the work you do, and contribute positively to the values and outcomes outlined in our strategic plans, including Statistics 2020 Te Kāpehu Whetū, and our Statement of Intent. You will report to the Manager, Contact Centre. On a day-to-day basis you will report to your Team Leader.


You will be expected to: Collect data

To achieve this you will need to:

As a result, we will see:

 provide and ensure first line response to incoming calls  conduct outbound and inbound calls  capture important data and input this into our systems.

 call quality delivered  you ensure relevant data is collected and that you answer general queries  you capture data via CATI or complete questionnaires on our respondents’ behalf.

Achieve response targets Undertake administration

 contribute to surveys reaching response rates.

 our response rates are achieved daily.

 assist with correspondence, general queries and escalating queries  assist mark-in responses  maintenance of the survey database.

Build connections and work collaboratively

 Work collaboratively within the team and across the organisation to achieve successful outcomes  Engage with other units to build good understanding across Statistics NZ and draw connections between the work of specific teams and the business of the wider organisation.  Develop good working relationships with customers to identify how you can meet their needs.  Communicate ideas and information to different audiences in plain English.  Communicate clearly and concisely in all written and oral communications.  Share information and knowledge with others in a proactive, timely way that fits the purpose.  Seek peer review of written work.

 you replying to and escalating queries, sending new questionnaires  responses receipted on a daily basis  respondent contact details updated  changes to business structure updated  database system failures detected and escalated to your team leader.  You ensure your engagement with others is open, friendly, and responsive.  You build mutually beneficial internal and external relationships.

Communicate effectively

 You be understood by all internal and external customers in both written and oral communication.  You write clearly and concisely, and follow the Statistics NZ plain English standard.  You communicate with peers and manager regularly.


Demonstrate a proactive awareness of Health and Safety (H&S) in the workplace

 Ensure knowledge and understanding of Health, Safety and Wellbeing is kept relevant and up to date.  Comply with Statistics NZ Health, Safety and Wellbeing policy and procedures.  Understand and ensure compliance with Statistics NZ Health, Safety and Wellbeing policy, procedures for reporting accidents and hazards and keep up to date with the H&S homepage.

 evidence of a clear understanding and compliance with health and safety policy and procedures.


How you do iti Leadership Behavioural Cluster – Individual Leader Core Behaviours

You will need to:

Customer focused

 Be focused on understanding the needs of customers and on delivering value to them.  Consistently delivers results beyond expectations.  Be flexible and deal confidently and positively with change and uncertainty.  Be open to the unfamiliar, ready to experiment and quick to learn.  Relate well to all kinds of people and build effective relationships.  Understand the Treaty’s relevance to your own role as a public servant.  Seek opportunities to better meet the information needs of Māori.  Actively apply knowledge of te reo Māori and tikanga, and build knowledge of te ao Māori.  Support initiatives to increase responsiveness to Māori. You will need to:  be confident in one-on-one interactions with respondents and internal customers  be competent and confident in communicating over the telephone  be able to write clear, concise messages in databases and messages  be able to deliver multiple tasks with competing timeliness requirements  meet deadlines set by our Data Supply Agreements with other sections of Statistics NZ’s business  have knowledge of Windows operating system  have a good typing speed / keyboard ability  be able to navigate complex customer databases  be open to flexible rosters and work flows  be willing to work on a range of surveys and activities when required  have a positive attitude and is flexible when dealing with competing priorities  have resilience working with difficult customers  be able to work to goals with minimum supervision  have some experience in an autonomous role.

Drive for results Dealing with ambiguity Learning on the fly Interpersonal savvy Responsiveness to Māori

Required Qualities Communication

Time management

Computer skills





Definitions CATI



Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) is a telephone surveying technique where we follow a script provided by a software application. CATI It enables us to give up to date information to the people we are speaking to. This is the term we use for individuals from the New Zealand public or businesses that respond to our survey questionnaires. We use this respondent information

© Copyright 1992, 1996, 2001–2003 by Lominger Limited, Inc. a Korn Ferry Company. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

These qualities are derived from the LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT Competency Sort Cards developed and copyrighted by Robert W. Eichinger and Michael M. Lombardo for Lominger Limited, Inc. Without the prior written permission of Lominger Limited, Inc., no part of this work may be used, reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, by or to any party outside of Statistics New Zealand.



Customer Service Representative

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