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Contact information related to Compaq customer service, customer support and technical support can be found below. Please feel free to update any of the Compaq Based on 126 votes.

customer support information we have to make sure our site is kept as current as possible.


Phone: 800-474-6836 How to reach a live person: Speak "operator" continuously until transferred. Took me saying it about 6-7 times.

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Hours of Operation: This information has not been added. Click here to update this department. Email: This information has not been added. Click here to update this department.

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Main Company URL: Description: Compaq was purchased by HP so the contact information provided is for Hewlitt-Packard See detailed Compaq customer service rankings, employee comments and much more from our sister site.

on 12/17/16 at 2:55AM hello, i am from indonesia....... i have a compaq laptop and now my laptop had a trouble..... can i know where is the compaq customer service at indonesia?? thanks.......

Find free Compaq manuals and user guides available at

on 4/11/16 at 12:58PM I,ve had a presario laptop for the last five years. It has been used daily,probably infected with numerous viruses,it has been burnt on the electric hob,thrown around and treated with no care or maintenance at all. Only now has it began performing badly. I just wanted to say how much I endorse this product. Well done hp. In the market for a new hp laptop now. Many thanks.

View all Compaq customer service news New iPhones to Give Stiff Competition to the 1998 Compaq Presario 2200 CUPERTINO, Calif.—Apple

on 2/20/16 at 12:00AM

executives took the floor in

My Compaq laptop has been stolen. Please advise on how I could have it blacklisted or disabled as it contains

the Steve Jobs Presentation

every sensitive information. I still have it's details as the box was left behind.

Theater on the company's new spaceship-shaped campus to usher in a new era

of technology that felt

surprisingly…familiar. We're

on 10/23/15 at 12:49PM

speaking, of course, of the similarities ...

I purchased this computer a few years ago no one told me that i would have to buy another computer, to be compatible with any windows product, I found out that HP own this company. I was passed from one person to another until finally I had enough. I would like to reinterate that I will not buy another Hp or Compaq presario product, nvidia, and I would say to the person considering buying please ask all the right questions,and read customer service comments.

HP Compaq 6735s fährt nicht mehr hoch> Nach dem Starten: Lüfter läuft, HDD-LED blinkt im

Sekundentakt, und DVD-

Laufwerk macht Geräusche

on 5/10/15 at 5:12PM

(mit oder ohne DVD) Monitor bleibt komplett dunkel, auch

I have a older desk top Compaq computer, My service warrantee was up, however I was helped by the service manager who allowed a technician to help me with additional issues my computer

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had they removed virus and made sure the computer would run at it's optimum.

Was kann das sein? Alles lesen. Kommentar. Weitere Details...

Which I was very grateful for, for an older model good computer but parts, and re-pair disk are no longer being made. The service manager finished up the session and wants for me to purchase additional service warrantee, I have to say they sold me... Thanks you

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This company is absolutely worthless when it comes to any implied warranty. I filed a complaint with BBB at their main office in N Carolina. Buyer b... on 4/10 at 9:23AM Husqvarna

Hewlett-Packard Samsung

I can't get ahold of you! My website is down! I have not heard from you!

Symantec UPS

America Online


Could not talk to a rep unless I had my


Brother International




Microsoft Epson


Account number But, with this web site I followed the instructions and I got to talk to a rep with out my acco... rjgcreations on 11/12 at 7:54PM | American Express

on 4/10 at 11:49AM Wix

Helped me to get through to Boost tech service, I had been trying to get them for days, I was getting very frustrated and ready to change phone carrie... Anonymous on 11/17 at 12:49PM | Boost Mobile



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Compaq customer service phone numbers and support

Company Search Tweet Like 930 Share Contact information related to Compaq customer service, customer support and technical support can be fo...

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win8.1 DRIVERS are available to download....if anyone knows then plss suggess........i hv installed win8.1 in compaq cq6

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