The Behavioral Consultation Project serves the child aged 0-5 who is: Angry or aggressive Overly shy

Consulta del Comportamiento Para solicitar una consulta: Llame al 591-0170 a cualquier hora y deje un mensaje en español, nosotros le llamaremos tan pronto como sea posible.

Worrying excessively Accident prone Displaying developmental delays Unhappy, distant, or unable to play with other children Recovering from a traumatic event or family crisis The Behavioral Consultation Project has served over 1000 children in child care settings.

El proyecto de consulta proporciona servicios de intervención temprana para niños de 0-5 años quienes: Muestran agresividad o enojo, están tristes, se aislan o no pueden jugar con otros niños. Son niños my tímidos. Se están recuperando de un evento traumático o una crisis familiar. Se preocupan demasiado. Tienen acidentes frecuentes. Tienen un retraso en su desarrollo.

Consulta del Comportamiento 707● 591 ● 0170

Instituto de Aprendizaje Infantil 311 Professional Center Dr., Ste. 100 Rohnert Park CA 94928

707● 591 ● 0170 707● 591 ● 0171 (f)

FREE professional consultation services for the child care community and preschools in Sonoma County

To Request a Consultation Simply call 591-0170 at your convenience, or use our website,

The Behavioral Consultation Project is grateful for the support of A Partnership of Early Learning Institute, Jewish Family and Children’s Services and ABC Special Start.

707● 591 ● 0170

The Consultation Process The process begins with a call or email requesting consultation. When the paperwork, including the parent consent, is returned a consultant is assigned and starts the intake process.

About the Project: This project provides FREE, on-site consultation services to child care providers and preschool teachers serving children birth through five who have not yet begun kindergarten. Our consultants include bilingual/bicultural professionals. The consultants help the provider work with behavioral, temperamental, developmental or mental health issues and recommend interventions. The consultant can assist both family and provider to connect to additional resources and services in the community. We support child care providers and teachers in strengthening the effectiveness of their team and building positive relationships with parents.

The Consultants Our team consists of mental health clinicians, early childhood education specialists, behaviorists, and parent educators. This combination of professionals ensures support and expertise across a range of challenges presented by the individual children in child care settings. Consultants can also help with program level issues through staff training, director support, and more.

Intake: The consultant will observe the child, meet with you, meet with the parent and fill out two developmental screening tools. Goal and Action Plan: When enough information is gathered, the consultant will set goals in collaboration with parent and provider to address the child’s needs. Each party (consultant, provider and parent) will have actions to carry out to meet those goals. The actions all parties agree to are the basis for the intervention. Intervention: Interventions may include helping the family access resources, developing curriculum with the teachers, “coaching” teachers in how they interact with a child, assigning a behaviorist, holding an in-service with staff on a particular topic, and many more. The Project provides consultation, not comprehensive services. When a child or family has intensive needs, we will help connect them with additional resources in the community such as speech and language, parenting classes, counseling, etc. When a child care or preschool is interested in additional resources, we will help with connection to additional programs such as Minigrants, Mentor programs, SRJC classes, professional organizations and more.

Who Qualifies for this Service? All child care providers in Sonoma County qualify including: Licensed Family Child Care Licensed Child Care Centers License-exempt Child Care State Preschools Head Start programs The Behavioral Consultation Project serves children from birth through age five, prior to kindergarten.

Provided at no cost: Telephone Consultation Site Visits & Observations Behavioral Assessment Professional Coaching (TCIT) Referrals

To Request a Consultation Simply call 591-0170 at your convenience, or use our website,



The Behavioral Consultation Project serves the child aged 0-5 who is: Angry or aggressive Overly shy Consulta del Comportamiento Para solicitar una c...

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