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AOT 180 CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is a study of issues in the workplace relating to effective customer service. The course includes topics such as oral, written, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, effective telephone techniques and cultural diversity in the workplace. 3 Cr (3 lect/pres, 0 lab, 0 other) COURSE FOCUS The focus of the course is on great customer service through communication and strategies. TEXT AND REFERENCES Customer Service Skills for Success. Robert w. Lucas. 4th Edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. 2009. ISBN: 978-0-07354544-8 COURSE GOALS The following list of course goals will be addressed in the course. These goals are directly related to the performance objectives. (*designates a CRUCIAL goal) 1.* 2.* 3.* 4. 5.* 6.* 7. 8.* 9.*

define customer service define service culture describe customer needs discuss e-commerce identify external customers identify internal customers identify socioeconomic changes plan effective customer service recognize customer behavior

10.* 11. 12. 13.* 14.* 15.* 16. 17.* 18. 19.* 20.* 21.* 22. 23. 24. 25.* 26.* 27.* 28. 29.* 30. 31. 32.* 33. 34. 35.* 36. 37. 38.* 39. 40.* 41.* 42.* 43. 44. 45.

record customer-focused behavior use customer-focused language compare average and exceptional companies report listening breakdown causes contrast productive and non-productive behaviors communicate effectively to customer delineate customer-friendly strategies describe effective appearance and grooming habits describe management role explain customer-friendly systems explain effective communication skills explain six step problem solving model develop a customer service plans illustrate professional customer service image document positive customer words list effective two-way communication elements specify ways to improve customer communication use assertive communication techniques name assertive communication techniques list six components: customer-focused environment expound behavior styles communication strategies demonstrate six vocal cues clarify two-way communication model contrast assertive and aggressive behavior demonstrate six non-verbal cues interpret non-verbal cues investigate non-verbal communication techniques compare good and bad listening techniques explain behavior styles define four-step listening process develop improved personal listening strategies provide effective feedback list customer damaging words illustrate service breakdown classify negative message results classify difficult customer situations

STUDENT CONTRIBUTION Students will spend at least three hours a week outside of class.

COURSE EVALUATION The final grade will be determined by the following: Six quizzes at 50 points per quiz = 300 points Four tests at 100 per test = 400 points End of the year project = 300 points The grade point scale is as follows: 900 - 1000 = A 800 – 899 = B 700 - 799 = C 600 - 699 = D Below 599 = F COURSE SCHEDULE The class meets for 3 lecture/presentation hours per week.

Approved by: _Kenneth Flick Ken Flick, Division Dean for Business/Industrial Division

Developed/Revised: 8/15/2014

ADA STATEMENT The Technical College of the Lowcountry provides access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation in its services, programs, activities, education and employment for individuals with disabilities. To request disability accommodation, contact the counselor for students with disabilities at (843) 525-8228 during the first ten business days of the academic term. ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT There is no tolerance at TCL for academic dishonesty and misconduct. The College expects all students to conduct themselves with dignity and to maintain high standards of responsible citizenship. It is the student’s responsibility to address any questions regarding what might constitute academic misconduct to the course instructor for further clarification. The College adheres to the Student Code for the South Carolina Technical College System. Copies of the Student Code and Grievance Procedure are provided in the TCL Student Handbook, the Division Office, and the Learning Resources Center. ATTENDANCE The College’s statement of policy indicates that students must attend ninety percent of total class hours or they will be in violation of the attendance policy.  Students not physically attending class during the first ten calendar days from the start of the semester must be dropped from the class for NOT ATTENDING.  Students taking an online/internet class must sign in and communicate with the instructor within the first ten calendar days from the start of the semester to indicate attendance in the class. Students not attending class during the first ten calendar days from the start of the semester must be dropped from the class for NOT ATTENDING.  Reinstatement requires the signature of the division dean. In the event it becomes necessary for a student to withdraw from the course OR if a student stops attending class, it is the student’s responsibility to initiate and complete the necessary paperwork. Withdrawing from class may have consequences associated with financial aid and time to completion. When a student exceeds the allowed absences; the student is in violation of the attendance policy. The instructor MUST withdrawal the student with a grade of “W”, “WP”, or “WF” depending on the date the student exceeded the allowed absences and the student’s progress up to the last date of attendance or  Under extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the faculty member teaching the class, allow the student to continue in the class and make-up the work. This exception must be documented at the time the allowed absences are exceeded. Absences are counted from the first day of class. There are no "excused" absences. All absences are counted, regardless of the reason for the absence.  A student must take the final exam or be excused from the final exam in order to earn a non-withdrawal grade. A copy of TCL’s STATEMENT OF POLICY NUMBER: 3-1-307 CLASS ATTENDANCE (WITHDRAWAL) is on file in the Division Office and in the Learning Resources Center.

HAZARDOUS WEATHER In case weather conditions are so severe that operation of the College may clearly pose a hardship on students and staff traveling to the College, notification of closing will be made through the following radio and television stations: WYKZ 98.7, WGCO 98.3, WGZO 103.1, WFXH 106.1, WWVV 106.9, WLOW 107.9, WGZR 104.9, WFXH 1130 AM, WLVH 101.1, WSOK 1230 AM, WAEV 97.3, WTOC TV, WTGS TV, WJWJ TV, and WSAV TV. Students, faculty and staff are highly encouraged to opt in to the Emergency Text Message Alert System. EMERGENCY TEXT MESSAGE ALERT Students, faculty and staff are highly encouraged to opt in to the Emergency Text Message Alert System. Participants receive immediate notification of emergency events and weather cancelations via text messaging on their cell phones. Participants can also opt in to receive non-emergency news and announcements. Go to On the homepage, click on “emergency TextAlert at TCL” and fill out the form or go to


AOT 180 Customer Service - Technical College of the LowCountry

Technical College of the Lowcountry 921 Ribaut Road Beaufort, SC 29901-1288 Business Technologies Division Building 14, Room 108 Phone: 843.525.8325 ...

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