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To be a centre of excellence for promoting education training and research in the field of Electrical Engineering.

1. To offer continuing education and training programs for the faculty and staff of the technical education system in the area of Electrical Engineering. 2. To develop need-based curricula for technical education programme in the field of Electrical Engineering. 3. To develop instructional material in the field of Electrical Engineering to 4. Enhance effectiveness of teachers-learning process. 5. To undertake research and development in the area of Electrical Engineering. 6. To provide extension and consultancy services to technical education system and industry in the area of Electrical Engineering.

Institute is committed to provide high quality and customized education, training, R & D and extension services to technical and vocational education system, industry and community. The institute shall develop leadership in technical teacher training and provide educational products and services to enables the technical education system to achieve excellence internationally. 2|P age

Education is all about creating an environment of academic freedom, where bright minds meet, discover and learn. Electrical Engineering is a continuously evolving field with new innovative ideas emerging every other second. As technology has advanced, so have the challenges faced by the fresh engineers and technocrats. Electrical Engineering is one discipline that naturally partners with other disciplines to open whole lot of new engineering avenues. Examples include Power Electronics - with Power and Electronics Engineering and Bio-medical Sciences - with Medicine. The Electrical Engineering Department at NITTTR, Chandigarh grooms teachers of Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges in this field using new-age information and computer-intensive technologies. It is one of the major departments, created since, the establishment of the institute.

 To conduct need-based short term training programs in various areas of Electrical Engineering for teachers of Polytechnics and Engineering Colleges of all over India.  To run Master degree programmes in Regular and Modular modes with specialization in Instrumentation & Control in order to upgrade the qualifications of the faculty of

Polytechnics and Engineering


Recently the nomenclature of the degree has been changed and the new name of the degree is M.E in Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation and Control).  To undertake research projects by guiding research scholars in their ME and Ph.D theses.

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 To undertake appropriate sponsored projects from various agencies for the enhancement of Technical Education in the country.  To produce instructional materials, both print and non-print, for the benefit of teachers and students of technical institutions.  To conduct tailor made training programmes for industry and other working professionals in various thrust areas of Electrical Engineering for upgrading their knowledge.  To conduct in house training and Industry-Institute interaction programmes to upgrade the knowledge of internal faculty.  To design, develop, review and modify curricula of various programmes in the current as well as in the emerging areas in order to fulfil identified needs.  To develop relevant learning resources like text books, laboratory manuals, self-learning modules, multi-media packages, etc.  To undertake research projects for expanding the horizons of the department in order to reflect changing technologies.

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Need-based short-term training programmes and workshops


Long term training programmes like ME and PhD

Long term and Short term goals

Competency based selflearning modules

Print / Non-print learning materials: Text Books/ Workbooks/ Modules/ Lab Manuals, Charts, Slides, PPTs, Video films etc.


ICT based Induction Training Programme


Revision and modification of existing curricula

Development of new curriculum in emerging technologies


Design training programmes for industries Government and private agency sponsored projects

Undertake new research projects on latest technologies

In-house training and IndustryInstitute interaction

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LONG TERM TRAINING PROGRAMMES ME PROGRAMME The department has been very successfully offering Master of Engineering Course in Instrumentation and Control with a starting intake of 12 students since 2005. The intake started increasing gradually and the present intake for the above programme has risen to 26. In addition, the department also conducts ME (Instrumentation & Control) Modular Programme with an intake of 40. The programme educational objectives (PEOs) and Programme Outcomes (POs) of M.E. in Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation and Control) programme are: Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) PEO1 PEO2

To develop technical knowledge and skills in the area of Instrumentation and Control at Postgraduate level. To develop ability to undertake research and development in the areas of Instrumentation and Control. To develop generic skills such as creativity, problem solving,


communication, teamwork, lifelong learning and leadership as well as professional ethics and values.

Programme Outcomes (POs) (a) Ability to understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and synthesize existing and new knowledge related to Instrumentation and Control.

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(b) Ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering

problems creatively and

generate new knowledge etc. (c) Ability to design a system component or process as per need and specifications. (d) Ability to use modern engineering tools, software and equipment related to Instrumentation and Control. (e) Ability to undertake collaborate research in multi-disciplinary areas for finding solutions to the problems. (f) Ability to understand professional and research responsibilities and contemporary issues as well as the impact of engineering solutions on the society. (g) Ability to communicate effectively. (h) Ability to continuously update knowledge and skills as per the requirement. (i) Ability to apply the principles of project planning and management, total quality management and technology management for managing the project in Instrumentation & Control and multi-disciplinary areas.

SHORT TERM TRAINING PROGRAMMES The department has also been very active in conducting the need based short term training programmes every year as per the institute Operational Plan. To mention a few are: 7|P age

Energy Management, Power Electronics, Automation in Industries, MATLAB, Repair & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Electric Drives and their Control, Thermal Power Station Practices, Hydro Power Station Practices, Virtual Instrumentation, Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Microcontroller and its Applications, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering Project Work, PLC and its Applications, Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering, Computer Aided Power System Analysis, FACTS Technology, Electrical Processes in Diesel Locomotives, Trouble Shooting and Repair of Transformers, Thyristorised Control of Electric Motors. PRINT To mention a few of the important materials, they are: text books in Electrical Machines, Electrical Engineering Material, Electrical Design and Drawing, Industrial Electronics and Control, Motor Control, Basic Electronics, Projects in Electrical and Electronics Engineering etc., laboratory manuals on Electrical Machines, Basic Electrical Microcontroller and its Interfacing etc. In addition there are several numbers of work books and student manuals. NON PRINT Apart from the print materials, the department has also produced about 30 video films on various topics pertaining to electrical engineering, 26 charts and several experimental kits on Power Electronics, Contactor Control devices and Electrical Machine Winding.

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1. Dr. ( Mrs.) Lini Mathew ME (Electrical Engineering) , PhD. Associate Professor and Head Email Address [email protected] Ph.No.: +91-172-2633170 Mobile No.: +91-9876440458

Membership of National / International Academic Bodies: · Life Member, NITTTR Alumni Association Experience Industry - 2 Years Teaching - 31Years Total - 33Years Area of Specialization: ANN & Fuzzy Logic Applications, Digital Signal Processing, Measurement Instrumentation and Data Acquisition, Virtual Instrumentation Research guidance: Masters: 85 PhD: 6(ongoing) Instructional Material Development: Print (a) Number of Books Published: 1 i.

Electrical Technology for Engineering Services Examinations, Co-

authored with Dr. S.K. Bhattacharya. TMH Publishing Company, New Delhi (b) No of papers Published in: 9|P age

International Journals -


National Journals -


International Conferences -


National Conferences -




(c) No of Lab Manuals: 6 1.Teaching Learning Package on Contactor Control Circuits, A Continuing Education Module, ISTE publication, Co-authored with Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya 2.Teaching Learning Package on Reading and Interpreting Engineering Drawing (For Electrical Engineering Technician and


Engineers), A Continuing Education Module, ISTE publication, Co-authored with Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya 3.A Monograph on Units and Dimensions, TTTI, Chandigarh, Co-authored with Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya 4.Installation Trouble-shooting and Preventive Maintenance of Motors, Transformers and Batteries, TTTI, Chandigarh, Co-authored with Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya 5.Digital Signal Processing, Course Material. 6.Programming in C, Course Material. Projects Carried out : Design and Development of a PC based monitoring system for a three-phase induction motor; Study and

Implementation of

Digital Signal Processing Tools; Study and Implementation of various DSP transforms; Digital simulation of a three-phase full-wave fully controlled rectifier; Design and development of Neuro-Fuzzy Controllers; Simulation of different





Several 10 | P a g e

consultancy and IRG projects carried out at the institute level which in turn generated funds to the tune of several lacs; Designed and developed the following Instructional material viz., Contactor Control Circuits; Reading and Interpreting Engineering Drawing; A monograph on Units and Dimensions; Installation Trouble-shooting and Preventive Maintenance of Motors, Transformers and Batteries; Signal

Processing; Programming in C;

MATLAB Programming; Introduction to LabVIEW. 2.

Dr. Poonam Syal M.Tech. (Electrical Engineering), PhD. Associate Professor Email Address: [email protected] Ph.No.: +91-172-2759568

Membership of National / International Academic Bodies: Life Member, ISTE Life Member, NITTTR Alumni Association Experience Teaching - 30Years Total

- 30Years

Area of Specialization: Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Instrumentation for Environmental Engineering, Research Methodology, Manpower Development and Training, Women Empowerment, Assistive Devices.

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Patents Pending: 01 No. Instructional Material Development: Print No of papers Published in: International Journals -


National Journals -


International Conferences -


National Conferences -


Total –


Non Print: Educational video films: 12 Nos. Others: Nodal officer at institute for Solar based Technologies, facilitated commissioning of solar PV power plant, solar water heating syste and solar PV Street lights.


Dr. Ritula Thakur ME (Electrical Engineering), PhD. Assistant Professor EmailAddress: [email protected] Ph.No.: +91-172-2759548 Mobile No.: +91-9888520284

Membership of National / International Academic Bodies: Life Member, ISTE Life Member, Institution of Engineers 12 | P a g e

Life Member, IETE Life Member, ASABE Life Member, IEEE Life Member, NITTTR Alumni Association Experience: Industry - Nil Teaching - 13 years Total -

13 years

Area of Specialization: Power Systems, Electric Drives, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded systems, Custom Power Devices, Power Quality, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Agriculture, Quality Analysis and Detection Technology in Food Materials , Sensors and Instrumentation . Research guidance: Masters: 40 Instructional Material Development: Print No of papers Published in: International Journals -


National Journals -


International Conferences -


National Conferences -




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No of Lab Manuals: 05 1) Manual on Applications of Microcontrollers Co-authored with Dr. S. Chatterji 2) Instructional Material on Microcontrollers and its application 3) Lab Manual on Programmable Logic Controllers 4) Lab Manual on Microcontroller Based Embedded Systems 5) Lab Manual on OP4510 Simulator Projects carried out: Temperature measurement using microcontrollers; Stepper motor control using microcontroller, Data Acquisition Using Embedded Processor in FPGA, Designed and developed Instructional manual on Microcontrollers and their Applications. 4. Ms. Shimi S.L. ME (Power Electronics and Drives) Assistant Professor Email Address: [email protected] Ph.No.: +91-172-2791860 Mobile No.: +91-9417588987

Membership of National / International Academic Bodies: Member, IEEE (USA) , Life Member, NITTTR, Alumni Association Member, ASME Member, IE Member IAENG Experience: Industry

- 01 Years


- 13 Years 14 | P a g e


- 14 Years

Area of Specialization: Power Electronics and Drives, Digital

Control, ANN &

Fuzzy Logic Applications, FACTS, Renewable Energy, Soft Computing Techniques Research guidance: Masters: 45 + 40 (under process) - 85 No of papers Published in: International Journals National Journals


77 01

International Conferences -


National Conferences -




No of Lab Manuals: 01 1) Power Electronics Manual 2) Instructional Material on Hybrid Wind , PV and Fuel Cell System 3) Instructional Material on Speed Control of 3 ɸ Induction Motor Using IPM and DSP Processor (TMS320F28335) 4) Instructional Material on Harmonic Elimination in Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter 5) Instructional Material on MPPT for Photo-Voltaic System Projects Carried out: Design and development of a real time simulation of boost converter, Design and development of microcontroller based multi-starter for squirrel cage induction motor, developing a real time simulation of MPPT based PV array fed cascade multilevel inverter. 15 | P a g e



Mr. Hans Raj Sharma Senior Technical Assistant B. Tech., Specialization in TQM Experience: 38 Years Expertise:







electronics. No of papers Published in : National Conference – 1 2.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma Senior Technical Assistant ME, Electrical Engineering Experience: Industry - 3.5 years Teaching - 26 years Total

- 29.5 years

Expertise: Electrical Machines, Electrical Engineering Laboratory Experiments No of papers Published in : International Journals – 2

16 | P a g e



Mrs. Malkeet Kaur Personal Assistant, MA Experience: 33 Years Expertise: Stenography


Mrs.R. Jayanti UDC, ITI Experience: 30 Years Expertise: Stenography


Mr. Bhag Singh Lab Attendant Matric Experience: 33 Years


Mr. Arjun Singh Electrician/Mechanic ITI Experience : 10 Years

17 | P a g e




Mr. Amandeep Sharma Title: Online Incipient Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motors using Motor Electrical Signature Analysis Email: [email protected] Supervisor: Dr. S. Chatterji, Dr Lini Mathew List of Publications: International Conference : 2 International Journal : 4 National Conference : 1 Mr. Yogendra Narayan Title: Hybrid Control of a Robotic Arm using EEG and EMG Signals Email: [email protected] Supervisor: Dr. S. Chatterji, Dr Lini Mathew List of Publications: International Conference : 11 International Journal : 4 National Conference : 1 Mohammad Junaid Khan Title: Development of Artificial Intelligence Based Real-Time Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for a Hybrid Renewable Energy System. Email : [email protected] Supervisor : Dr. S. Chatterji, Dr Lini Mathew List of Publications: International Conference : 6 International Journal : 5 + 3(Communicated) National Conference : 3 18 | P a g e


Mrs Anjali Atul Bhandakkar Title: Performance Evaluation of FACTs Controllers along with Hybrid Power Flow Controller. Email : [email protected] Supervisor : Dr Lini Mathew, Dr. S. Chatterji List of Publications: International Conference : 01 International Journal : Nill National Conference :Nill 5.

Mr. Kuldeep Singh Title: Design of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Switching Technology for Charging Stations of Electrical Vehicles. Email : [email protected] Supervisor : Dr Lini Mathew List of Publications: International Conference : 01 International Journal : Nill National Conference : Nill


Preeti Kumari Area of Interest: Sensors and Instrumentation Email : [email protected] Supervisor : Dr Lini Mathew, Dr Poonam Syal List of Publications: International Conference : 01 International Journal : Nill National Conference : Nill 19 | P a g e


In addition to various conventional ac and dc machines, one set of universal machine is also available in the laboratory. A part of the Electrical Machines Laboratory is specifically developed for Contactor Control of Electric drives wherein various trainer boards have been developed for performing different exercises in this area.

20 | P a g e

PLC LABORATORY The PLC laboratory is equipped with PLC based control system and Advanced PLC Trainer; other interfacing devices to train students how to program and upload ladder logic code. The lab is based primarily on the Allen Bradley family of Programmable Logic Controllers, which are widely used in factories and other settings.

21 | P a g e

POWER ELECTRONICS LABORATORY In addition to number of training boards in Power Electronics, the

laboratory is

equipped with trainers on solid state motor control, three-phase triggering system, microprocessor based control systems, stepper motor control, thyristor based universal control kit, etc.

22 | P a g e

Power Electronics Laboratory also has a microprocessor based energy manager, large number of measuring instruments, Solar PV Training and Research Kit and Cascade Multilevel inverter (H-Bridges) which can be interfaced with MATLAB using dSPACE. unit and Cyclone III FPGA development kit.

INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL LABORATORY The Laboratory has a set of training boards on Transducers, Process Control, Analog Motor Control, Digital Motor Control and PC based data acquisition system in addition to various sensors, transducers and measuring instruments.

23 | P a g e

PROCESS CONTROL LABORATORY This laboratory has facilities for experiments on Microprocessor and PC based process control including flow, level, temperature etc. along with the supporting software.

COMPUTER APPLICATIONS LABORATORY The computer applications laboratory has various software packages such as MATLAB, LabVIEW, PSCAD, LIVEWIRE, LADSIM etc. which are used for simulation, design and analysis of various electrical and electronic systems and their control.

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EMBEDDED LABORATORY The embedded laboratory is equipped with several universal boards based on avr, arm, pic, atmel daughter boards. There are various interfacing sensors and motors for experiments. The laboratory also has a Agilent FTIR Spectroscopy device.

25 | P a g e

VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY This laboratory is being developed recently and various equipment’s have been purchased such as NI ELVIS II with Circuit design bundle, Mechatronic Sensor board, Quanser Qnet DC motor control,

Emona ETT-211 Fotex fiber optics Communication Trainer etc. 26 | P a g e

Machine Health Monitoring Multi-channel Voltage, Current and Vibration Measurement System

Computerized EMG Biofeedback model Myotrac 400 with EMG Data acquisition & Analysis Software. 27 | P a g e

The department is planning to take-up two DST sponsored projects as: 1. Grid Connected Hybrid System consisting of Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell and High Power Storage Batteries 2. Energy Park Proposals are being prepared at the department level which will be soon sent to DST through proper channel for final approval

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 MOU with BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar  MOU with Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur  Desh Bhagat University Mandi Gobindgarh (Punjab)  Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

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30 | P a g e

31 | P a g e

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1|P age To be a centre of excellence for promoting education training and research in the field of Electrical Engineering. 1. To offer continuing e...

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